Proposed Development on Esplanade

Thank you for all of your support...

...the Council voted on Tuesday 24th January to not proceed with the development near the cinema.  The cinema and the Esplanade green space have been preserved.

Thank you to; the over eleven-thousand people who signed the petition, the hundreds of people who came to council meetings, all of the people working behind the scenes and the hundreds of letters, emails and messages that were sent to the decision makers - this all adds up. The community rallied together to protect things they love.

Finally,  thank you to the Council Aldermen and the Lord Mayor who listened to the will of the community and acted in the public's interest.

We have said from the beginning - we sincerely wish the RSL a great new site for their club, they definitely deserve it, hopefully one can be found soon. This just was the wrong location.

The team here at Deckchair Cinema are very relieved and are looking forward to focusing once again on making the cinema the best it can be. We look forward to welcoming you back in 2021.