Open Caption Screenings

Open caption screenings have subtitles that describe the audio in the film, including the dialogue and other sounds. This helps people who are deaf or hard of hearing enjoy the cinema. We endevour to mark the open captioned films in the printed program, but occasionally open captions are made avaialble after we go to print and we may add a screening that will only be listed online.

Open captioned films are marked on the Deckchair Cinema website with a purple OPEN CAP tag.

If you go to our ticketing pages the sessions are marked with a greet Open Cap tag.

Wavecast - Deckchair Cinema also has Wavecast, a system that can transmit the audio to your phone on a dedicated wifi network. You can then listen to the film on headphones (either wired or blutooth) or on a bluetooth enabled hearing aid. You can then select the volume that is right for you.  We keep some 'on ear' bluetooth headphones in the box office that you can buy or borrow if you forget yours. The Wavecast app is avaiable in the Google and Apple App stores.

Upcoming Open Captioned Films:

Wednesday the 12th of June 2024, 7pm, The Fall Guy

Friday the 17th of May 2024, 7pm The Great Escaper

Friday the 3rd of May 2024, 7pm Uproar