Conditions of Entry

Conditions of Entry to the Deckchair Cinema


• Entry is permitted to ticket holders only, a ticket being either a paper or electronic proof of payment for a particular session 
• Every person entering Deckchair Cinema must check in using the Territory Check In app or signing in on the paper form at the Box Office
• The Deckchair Cinema is a licensed venue, which means strictly NO alcohol is to be brought on site by patrons. The Deckchair Cinema reserves the right to look into patrons’ bags upon entry for signs of alcohol being brought into the Deckchair Cinema.
• Dogs/animals are NOT permitted into the Deckchair Cinema, with the exception of seeing-eye/guide dogs. Emotional Support animals are not covered by our insurance and cannot be admitted into the cinema.
• The Deckchair Cinema is a smoke-free venue. No smoking, including e-cigarettes, is permitted inside the Deckchair Cinema. Smoking is permitted outside of the venue in the designated smoking areas. A pass out or valid ticket may be requested by staff to validate re-entry to the Cinema.
• Patrons must not damage or remove any vegetation or property belonging to the Deckchair Cinema whether that vegetation or property is within or outside the designated Deckchair Cinema site.
• Patrons must remain within Deckchair Cinema’s permitted areas where instructed to do so by Deckchair Cinema staff or its authorised representatives, including volunteers.
• Patrons may not bring or use open flames of any sort in the Deckchair Cinema site.
• Deckchair Cinema reserves the right to eject any person/s who is intoxicated and/or causing a disturbance to other patrons.  Such person/s will not be entitled to a refund or exchange of tickets.
• You have a duty to exercise good judgment and act in a responsible manner while attending the Deckchair Cinema and you agree that you will comply with the directions of the Deckchair Cinema staff and its authorised representatives, including volunteers at all times.
• Patrons may be required to produce photographic identification in order to gain admission to MA15+ and R rated films
• Concession card holders are required to produce their valid concession to validate their concession/discounted ticket for entry to the Deckchair Cinema. If the patron cannot present valid concession they will be required to surrender their discounted ticket, and pay the additional purchase price for a full price ticket.
• The ticket prices in the schedule on the tickets page of the Deckchair Cinema website – – may not be applicable for special screenings, events and film festivals where different prices may be adopted.
• Mobile phones are permitted in the Deckchair Cinema but must be switched to silent mode or switched off while the movie is in session. Use of mobile phones and tablets is not permitted during the movie screening due to the distraction to other customers. Patrons that must use their mobile devices, tablets or computers etc will be asked to do so in the kiosk area away from other patrons.
• Cameras, audio and video recorders are not permitted to be used within the Deckchair Cinema while the film is playing without express permission from the Deckchair Cinema and/or the film distributor.
• By entering the Deckchair Cinema site you agree to being filmed and/or photographed which may be used for marketing or promotional purposes
• You acknowledge that you participate at your own risk and that you are not, to the best of your knowledge, suffering from a condition which would prevent and/or render you unfit to enter into the Deckchair Cinema. The purchaser or user of the ticket voluntarily assumes the risk of injury, property damage or loss while attending the Deckchair Cinema. You agree to take all reasonable measures to protect yourself from the risks of attendance.
You are responsible for all property that you bring to the event and the Deckchair Cinema accepts no responsibility for loss or damage to this property.
• You agree to not cause any loss or damage to any property of/at the Deckchair Cinema.
• You understand that there are inherent and other risks associated with attending an outdoor all weather event. You release the Deckchair Cinemas (including its Committee, employees, volunteers, contractors, sponsors and/or agents) from any claim and from any liability to the maximum extent permitted by law for, or as a result of, any loss, injury or damage suffered by you in relation to your attendance and participation in the event, however caused, including any claim or liability which arises due to any negligence of the event organisers.
• You understand that additional clothing and footwear is not provided by the Deckchair Cinema which is an all weather outdoor venue and that you are responsible for your own comfort with regard to rain, insects and cold.



The Deckchair Cinema reserves the right to withdraw, reschedule or substitute films for any reason including those that are beyond the control of the Deckchair Cinema. The Deckchair Cinema also reserves the right to vary advertised prices, event times and inclusions without notice.

Adverse / Wet Weather Policy

Please see our Tickets page for our Wet Weather Policy