Using your Member Tickets

Card Frofnt


When you take out a Deckchair Cinema membership you get four free tickets and access to $10 member priced tickets – but how can you use them from home?

These ticketing benefits are all contained within your member card and can be used online! The key is the Member ID on the back of your member card.


Before continuing I should note that our ticketing system is designed for use on Windows PC machines Рother devices may currently cause errors. If you are experiencing difficulty please email .



Navigate to the film that you would like to book – for a list of upcoming films click here.

1 – On the page where you select tickets enter your member ID (below the bar-code on the back of your card).

2 – Click where it says “click here” immediately below (not the button at the bottom of the page).

Booking info 1


3 – This takes you through to the member tickets area!

You have the option here to select a member $10 Ticket or $15 double session from the drop down at the top.

The check-boxes below that are your member freebies.

In the example below I have selected to use two member freebies.

booking info 2

4 – Then all that is left is to confirm your details and pay if there is money due.

booking info 3