Local Focus: Sailors Brew Cold Brew Coffee

At Deckchair we are proud of our ethics. We know that by sourcing local products for our kiosk we support local business and reduce harm on the environment caused by trucking or shipping in products. We recently caught up with the crew from Sailors Brew, our newest and coolest addition.


Distance to Deckchair: 15 km


How old is Sailors Brew?

Our first market was in May 2015, since then we have grown to 3 markets and 15 wholesale customers…


What makes Sailors Brew so special?

Each bottle contains the best specialty ingredients we can find, its not full of sugar, powdered ingredients or preservatives… We hand bottle all our products, into the night most days after our babies have been put to bed..


What inspired you to make cold brew coffee in Darwin?

We moved from Melbourne to Darwin 2 years ago with the outlook of starting our own business. Evo has a long career as a coffee professional for Allpress Espresso and La Marzocco and wanted to bring this knowledge to the growing coffee scene in Darwin. We had discovered that the bottled iced coffees on offer had a high percentage of sugar and powdered products. So we introduced Sailors Brew and haven’t looked back.


Favorite rainy day movie?

SAMMY: The Goonies                 EVO: Transformers


If a movie was made about you, who would you cast as yourself?

SAMMY: Zooey Deschanel           EVO: Channing Tatum


Make sure you say ‘hi’ to Sammy and Evo at the Members Soiree on the 17th where you can sample their delicious coffee. Can’t wait till then? Head over to www.sailorsbrew.com.au for more info.

Sailers Brew Collage