Magic Couldron Local Focus

We’ve been showing off about all the local producers that we’ve got on-board at Deckchair recently. If you take a stroll through Mindil Market you’ll see the quality of local produce we have on offer in the territory. That’s where we noticed Magic Cauldron and their crunchy praline nuts! They’ve missed our opening night because they were out exploring outback WA but we’re expecting our first delivery of nuts anytime now.

We caught up with Jonathan recently;

Distance to Deckchair: 11 km door to door from my house to the Deckchair cinema.

What makes your praline nuts so special? Our recipe was inspired in France at Chateau de Vaux le Viconte by the cook Plessis Praslin (1658-1675), it’s 400 years old and people still love them in France and now in Darwin because me. We use a copper cauldron specifically made to cook pralines by a copper-smith from Normandy. I’ve been cooking this product for now 15 years, cooking sugar is an art, and I do think I’m very good on it. French sweet, French cook, but Australian products. We only use 100 %Australian products only, I choose my peanuts and almonds with care, the honey is from Humpty Doo and the vanilla organic.100% of the production is handmade.

When did you begin production? We began cooking pralines the first time in 2001.

What inspired you to make nut praline in Darwin? I started my business in the Sunshine Coast. After a year, I decided to travel in Australia and take a break in Darwin. I felt in love with the lifestyle, the atmosphere in the markets and the multiculturalism of the city. My plan was to stay a month, it was 4 years ago.

What is your favorite rainy day movie? I’m a big fan of Emir Kusturica, Time of the Gypsies is without contest my favorite movie. When I want to laugh, I watch Black Cat White Cat; hope, Life is a Miracle. Even the music is a feast for the ears.

If you could be any movie character – who would you be? My friends like to tease me and compare me with Lumiere from The Beauty and The Beast. We both have a very strong French accent, love to share good food, have the sense of humor and of the drama as well and I even know how to juggle.

Where can people find your ice cream? You can find my pralines stall in the markets during the dry season: Mindil Beach, Palmerston, Parap, Nightcliff, Malak and Territory Made. As well, in the amazing Cafe de La Plage in Casuarina and in Wangi Falls Cafe in Litchfield.

Make sure you say Hi to Jonathan if you see him down at the markets.