Local Focus : Katja’s Delicious Popcorn

Sourcing local products for Deckchair is not just better environmentally – it also means that we’ll have better products for you to enjoy. Our new local supplier Katja’s Delicious Popcorn is well….. delicious. It’s seriously good, you’ll be at the bottom of the bag way quicker than any human should be able to get there. We caught up with Katja and Shane recently;


Distance to Deckchair: 13.2 km


What makes your popcorn so special? The taste and the crunchiness. Sweet & Salty is our favourite out of four flavours. Caramel, Nacho Cheese and Lightly Salted gives everyone a variety to choose from. All our popcorn is NT Made, organic, Gluten Free, Nut Free, GMO Free…


What inspired you to make popcorn in Darwin? We got inspired by Garrets Popcorn Shops in Japan on our skiing trip and we thought: Darwin doesn’t have any nice popcorn.


What is your favorite rainy day movie? Katja: Wedding Crashers; Shane The Big Lebowski


If there was a movie made about you, which actor would you cast as yourself? Katja: Kajol (she talks as much as I do); Shane: Tom Payne


Where can people find your popcorn? You can find our popcorn at the Markets in Darwin: Mindil Beach Sunset Markets, Palmerston Markets, Parap Village Markets, Malak Marketplace, Nightcliff Markets, Parap Fine Foods, Deckchair Cinema, and at festivals during the Dry Season.


Well be giving out popcorn at the Members Sunset Soiree on the 17th April


Find out more about Katja’s Delicious Popcorn on their Facebook page.


Katja Local Focus