In the last of the local focus we put the spotlight on a little chocolate factory that has popped up in Charlotte.

When we found a chocolate factory near Darwin we were pretty excited. No one likes lining the pockets of huge multinational companies who have monopolies in the industry here. Charlottes Web is an ethical alternative that tastes better.

We recently caught up with Kirsty from Charlotte’s Web…. read more here.


Distance to Deckchair: 13km (Production is in Berrimah)

What makes your chocolate so special? It tastes YUM! And it has real ingredients – real berries and real fruits

When did you begin production This is the first year of operation but we have been running at the Marrara Christmas Markets for over 5 years

What inspired you to make chocolate in Darwin? I started making them for friends then got talked into joining a friend at the markets and then I found people liked my chocolates

What is your favorite rainy day movie? Eat, Pray, Love

If there was a movie made about you, which actor would you cast as yourself?  Julia Roberts

Where can people find your ice cream? Charlotte’s Web Chocolate is currently exclusive to Deckchair! (But you’ll be able to order online shortly)