Reconciliation Week Screening: The Magic Pill (Hope For Health Fundraiser)

Tix to this event raise funds for the Hope For Health program. Hope For Health is an Indigenous health program supporting the Yolngu people of East Arnhem land.

The Magic Pill documentary explores current health issues effecting modern society and follows brave individuals, who are combating illness through a paradigm shift in eating. The documentary showcases the first Hope For Health Retreat on Elcho Island, NT, a remarkable story of local Yolngu people taking back control of their health with a return to a traditional diet.
Join the Hope For Health team during Reconciliation Week and celebrate Yolngu culture and Yolngu people making positive change in their community.


Part of our special Reconciliation Week program, screening six new films to commemorate the 10 years since the National Apology on 13 February 2008. Reconciliation Week is an annual event, bookended by two milestones in the reconciliation journey. 27 May marks the successful 1967 referendum, and 3 June is the anniversary of the High Court Mabo decision. For more info, visit

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Add to Calendar 7:30pm,
Thursday 31 May
Deckchair Cinema

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Rob Tate



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90 minutes


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