Aquarius follows Clara, a 65-year-old widow and retired music critic and the last resident of the Aquarius, one of the few buildings of its age and character that remains in a rapidly changing seaside Recife neighborhood.

Now that the other apartments have been swept up by a company with ambitious plans for redevelopment, pressures to move on surround Clara from all sides.

But she has pledged to leave only upon death, and will engage in a cold war with the developers to keep a home that has been a silent witness to her entire life. The resulting confrontation is mysterious, frightening and nerve-wracking, tingeing even Clara's most familiar routines with the tension of a thriller.

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“Wonderfully evocative of time and place, this considered assault on Brazil's economic and ethical crises revolves around a majestic performance by Sonia Braga.”

David Parkinson - Empire Magazine

“While the drumbeat of gentrification is obvious, the film moves to the particular pace of Clara's life, catching the rhythm of her daily routine and the minor moments of pleasure - the sea's embrace, flirtation, the sound of music - that she basks in.”

Craig Mathieson - The Sunday Age

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Tuesday 15 August
Deckchair Cinema

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Wednesday 6 September
Deckchair Cinema

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Kleber Mendonça Filho



Running Time

146 minutes


Country of Origin

Brazil | France


Portuguese (With English Subtitles)